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      MOXIE : (mok’see) (noun) : courageous spirit and determination; perseverance; initiative; skill; know-how

You Didn't Come This Far, Just to Get This Far!

What kind of a leader do you really want to be? How do you navigate the way?

I Get It. I've Been There Too!

Alison Forrest, Certified Executive Coach

For 17 years in the corporate world I was striving for that next promotion, that next big project, that next career step, that next glowing recognition, that next tick on my CV.

Despite achieving everything I thought I wanted, my internal dialogue rarely changed – “Am I good enough for this? How on earth am I going to manage all this? I should have said this / written that / done this”. Despite all my experience and evidence to the contrary, these are the thoughts that would keep me up at night catastrophising (3am – 4.30am to be exact!)

Discovering coaching has been life-changing for me, and my mind-chatter is thankfully silenced, so I can focus on the real issues at hand. I’ve finally found the path to exploring exactly what I want, and going after it in a structured way with a clear mind and fulsome, unwavering confidence. And I so desperately want this for you too!

Embrace Your Moxie!

Signature 1:1 Coaching Program

“Moxie” is about energy, skill, courage, determination, and a fighting spirit.

In my 6 month one-on-one coaching program, “The Moxie Original”, I’ll personally guide you along the path to unleashing your ability to face any perceived challenges with spirit and courage, and truly achieve the success and fulfilment you desire.

We’ll clarify the vision you have for success in your life and career, map out a fail-safe plan to get you there, and put that plan into action until you become unstoppable.

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ONLINE study, incl. 1:1 & GROUP coaching

“For a truly foundational program, I’ve spent many months devising the “Moxie Master Plan – Female Leaders Formula”. 

There are leadership programs out there that focus on delegation, or negotiation, or prioritising. I wanted to go one step deeper, and get to the WHO, not just the WHAT.  WHO are you wanting and needing to become to be a confident, authentic, empowered, and empowering leader?

With this detailed online course, whether it’s independent learning in your own time, or combined with weekly group coaching for additional support & community, or with 1:1 VIP coaching to focus on your own agenda each week for truly impactful transformation… I’ve got you covered, and I’ve got my hand on your back.

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