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I've Been Exactly Where You Are Today......

For 17 years I was climbing my way up the corporate ladder – from a fresh-faced Graduate to one of embarrassingly few females at management level. The physical and mental load of managing yourself, let alone others, is enormous, on so many levels:

– It’s the work – it’s all new, it’s complex, it has to be perfect, and it’s just so damn much. And delegating? Where to begin?
– It’s the prioritising – how do you prioritise when everything is vital? Prioritising my own work as well as that of others? And what about prioritising ME occasionally?
– It’s the guilt – of leaving early, of leaving your mobile phone in your purse, of having a weekend off, of not getting back to an email right away.
– It’s the anxiety – have I forgotten something? What if I’m just not good enough? Am I a good manager?

I know, some of these thoughts you can push through, and succeed despite your self-flagellation – I certainly did for years! I absolutely felt all of these things, but I didn’t let them hold me back from scaling the giddy heights of the finance industry. I found effective ways to silence some of these doubts, take away their fodder, like becoming insanely organised to stop the dread of forgetting something, or feeling the fear and doing it anyway. But some of the deeper and more noxious self-talk is much harder to shake, and over time it’s….just….exhausting. It makes everything just that little bit harder than it needs to be.

Coaching was a revelation for me – I’d never had an hour a week over an extended period of time to just talk about me. Only me. To analyse, dissect, theorise, explore, and truly examine my feelings and opportunities in a safe environment, with the support of a coach to make sure I really dug deep and to keep me accountable. Now I have this inner peace and determination, bubbling energy, and an unshakeable confidence that it so calming and yet empowering!

And I want this for you too! I want you to get results ASAP so you can unleash your true self on the world and kick some corporate ass. The term “moxie” describes exactly what I want for you – the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. And thrive!

Alison Forrest

B.comm, b.laws (hons.1), m.fin

Certified Executive Coach, energy leadership index master practitioner, and cor.e leadership dynamics specialist

Following a double Bachelors degree in Commerce and Law, Alison began her career in Finance in 2003 as a Graduate at one of Australia’s largest Funds Management firms. 10 years and a Masters of Finance degree later, Alison gave in to her inherent “Wanderlust” and took the bold move to relocate to Frankfurt, Germany, where she delved back into the finance industry at Germany’s second largest Bank. A few years later, an irresistible offer to join one of the world’s most successful infrastructure investment banks came, and Alison found herself thrown into a whirlwind of Board Meetings, Board Directorships, team management, and responsibility as CFO of budgets up to US$2 billion.

After an overseas posting and 17 years in corporate, Alison decided to enjoy a sabbatical but in that time was consistently drawn to executive coaching, and began studying at the internationally renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Now a fully Certified Professional Coach, Alison delights in helping emerging female leaders step into their power and embrace their Moxie.

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