Hack Your Brain To Success

Did you know that our brains are wired to be 2 – 2.5x more likely to focus on the negative than the positive? This can affect our propensity to take healthy risks, and can lead to fear-based decisions and stagnation in our careers. In Kahneman and Tversky’s 1984 paper[1], they theorised that loss aversion expresses …

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How Coaching Has Changed Me

Yes, coaches have coaches – absolutely! This stuff bloody works, so why wouldn’t we? I really kick myself that I never had a long-term coach when I was in corporate banking and finance for 17 years. Things could have just been so much easier, calmer, and engaging, with so much less worry, stress and self-judgement. Yes, I achieved a lot, and I’m really proud …

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Fraudy Feelings & Imposter Syndrome

Did you know it’s now believed Imposter Syndrome affects up to 82% [1] of the entire adult population? Yes, it’s not just a “female” thing, and almost all of us have experienced it some time in our careers. Imposter Syndrome, or Imposter Phenomenon, is that nagging voice inside you that tells you you’re not good enough, …

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What Is Coaching & Is It For You?

Coaching, Advising, Mentoring, Consulting, Training, Counselling, Sponsoring – there are so many people out there trying to “help” it can make it difficult to find the right fit for exactly what you need! And there are so many misconceptions out there about what coaching is, and indeed what it isn’t. So lets clear up a …

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