Make A Conscious Choice

So many decisions we make in life are unconscious. Or more alarmingly, we think we are making a choice, when in fact, we couldn’t have done it any other way.

All decisions we make are actually based on our core energy, our “Who”.

As I wrote in my last article, Who we are drives What we do and How we do it. Always.

And our Who is based on our perception of the world, which in turn is derived from all of our experiences, our education, our family, our social circles, our colleagues, the media, and so on.

So we go through life, making all our decisions based on this perception, which we know as the Truth, without realising that it’s just a truth. Our truth. Not the Truth.

What if we can put a stop to this, and start making conscious choices – real decisions based not on our fears, or limiting beliefs, or our self doubt? But rather decisions based on what we truly want.

Make the decision to be confident in the face of something new; to stop the negative story we’re telling ourselves in its tracks; to look for the opportunity instead of dwelling on the challenges; to explore your fears more closely and see them for what they really are.

To consciously choose what happens next.

Because the decisions you make right now affect your future so much more than those made last week, or last year, or last decade.

Self-awareness is a cornerstone of my coaching – Awareness leads to Choice leads to Change.

Once we are Aware of our negative self-talk, and our crippling fears, and our sneaky stories we keep telling ourselves, we have a Choice: continue down this path, or consciously change our response to the situation. A new response will generate a new outcome, always: Change.

Based on our Who it can appear impossible to see an alternative choice – I want this promotion because this is the next logical career step; I can’t disappoint my friend because otherwise she won’t speak to me any longer; I can’t quit my job because I’ll never be able to find another one that pays as well.

We are always at Choice – this is one of the truisms of life! There is always a choice, but some choices may appear less palatable than others, as they will throw us deep into the unknown. And change can be scary! We all want to be on the other side of the change, not going through the uncertainty in the middle.

What if there were someone by your side? To guide you, to prompt you, to have a hand on your back as you explored these fears, and made a choice based on your True Who? Your inner core energy where fearlessness reigns and opportunities are endless?

That’s the power of coaching, my Friend.

I’m here for you, with my hand on your back. Always.

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