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Coaching Leaders to Bring Out The Best in Themselves AND Their Team

team work makes the dream work!

We know nurturing emerging leaders in an organisation is important, and people are your biggest resource….and expense! You want everyone in your company to feel appreciated, welcome, heard and powerful, and a lot of a company’s or team’s energy comes down from above – from the Leadership Team within the organisation. They are the drivers of vision and strategy, and who ultimately empower each and every employee, which is why its so important to have great leaders within an organisation – so that everyone can thrive.

In my Executive Coaching, I believe that being a leader involves two sets of management skills – external and internal. External includes the ability to delegate, to motivate, to communicate, to represent, to strategise, and to grasp opportunities with both hands. Internal is much trickier – its the inner blocks, the negative self-talk, the worry and anxiety, and the stress. The mastery of both sides is needed so that emerging talent can truly step into their own as a leader, with unshakable confidence and clarity.

Build an Army of Resilient, Focused and Inspiring Leaders!

My corporate coaching is focused on personal leadership skills development, whether its via individual or small group coaching, or a combination of both. Participants will finally have the space to really question what kind of a leader they truly wish to be, and explore what they already bring to the table, what is standing in the way of this aspiration, and how they can excel every day, with unwavering confidence, satisfaction, and resilience.

What participants can expect:

  • Completion of a Zortify Grow Personality Assessment and Debriefing (click for details), to deeply reveal their static personality traits, as well as their more malleable attitudes and outlook on life and leadership
  • Realistic goals and bespoke, practical action plans to help them achieve exactly what is desired by the end of our time together
  • A deep-dive into the most impactful of leadership topics, as relevant for their needs, such as influencing and negotiating, motivating and empowering others, or managing feedback and conflict
  • Discover how to communicate honestly and authentically, and build lasting trust and relationships
  • Learn how to feed the professional hunger without burning out
  • Overcome inner worries, anxiety and negative self-talk that can simply overwhelm
  • Additional training videos, resources, workbooks, assignments, readings and tools to assist in their journey

Leadership Can Begin with One Person

But its effects can be felt throughout the entire organisation. I work with women and emerging leaders to help them discover the skills required in becoming a true leader, and as a result, help them coach their wider team as well by being an authentic role model.

Lead with passion and authenticity

Gain focus and drive, and inspire teams to great heights

get your leaders speaking the same language

Have unshaking belief in your corporate vision, its values, and its potential

Seize every opportunity with relish

Take your business to a new level

A Range of Opportunities Await

The needs of businesses and people are unique and varied, which is why I offer my clients bespoke packages to make sure all goals are met in a timely, yet impactful manner. I encourage you to get in touch and we can explore your needs to make sure we have the most potent and engaging solution for the emerging leaders in your organisation.

  • The Management Mindset for New Managers
  • Values & Mission Statement
  • Strategy & Goal Setting
  • Strategic Delegation
  • Emotional Intelligence & Self Awareness
  • Communication & Difficult Conversations
  • Influencing & Motivating Others
  • Networking & Relationships
  • Health, Wellness & Resilience
  • Time Management
  • Executive Presence

Alison Forrest

b.comm, b.laws (hons.1), m.fin


Following a double Bachelors degree in Commerce and Law, Alison began her career in Finance in 2003 as a Graduate at one of Australia’s largest Funds Management firms. 10 years and a Masters of Finance degree later, Alison gave in to her inherent “Wanderlust” and took the bold move to relocate to Frankfurt, Germany, where she delved back into the finance industry at Germany’s second largest Bank. A few years later, an irresistible offer to join one of the world’s most successful infrastructure investment banks came, and Alison found herself thrown into a whirlwind of Board Meetings, Directorships, team management, and responsibility as CFO of budgets up to US$2 billion.

After an overseas posting and 17 years in corporate, Alison decided to enjoy a sabbatical but in that time was consistently drawn to executive coaching, and began studying at the internationally renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Now a fully Certified Professional Coach and qualified PCC from the International Coaching Federation, Alison delights in helping women and emerging leaders step into their power and embrace their Moxie.

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