Inner Blocks – the Gremlin That’s Holding You Back

A brickwall with a crude drawing of a cartoonish T-Rex on it

I wish I wish I wish I could tell you that any insecurities will disappear when you’re old enough / experienced enough / sexy enough / promoted enough / anything enough. But those little buggers will always be with you! 

The worst of the acknowledged “inner blocks” that people have are commonly affectionately known as Gremlins. These “fraudy feelings” come from the belief that you are just not enough. It’s the little voice in your head that says you’re not smart enough to get that promotion, you’re not hard-core enough to make it in this industry, you’re not loud enough to ever have your voice heard. These feelings of inadequacy have often followed us around from our early childhood, and are in theory there to protect us, for example, from danger, or embarrassment, or social isolation. What they tend to do, however, is hold us back from achieving everything we desire! 

That’s massively shitty of them, if you ask me. And they tend to appear just when you’re about to do something amazing!

So instead of having your Gremlins driving in the front seat with you, feet on the dashboard, changing the radio station, how about facing it head on, and then relegating it to the back seat? Sounds good to me! 

There are various ways you can silence your inner Gremlin, or at least turn-down the volume. There is a saying – “Success leaves clues”, which I wholeheartedly agree with. So next time you have a big presentation that you’re sweating bullets over because you KNOW you’re gonna forget your lines, and you KNOW you’re gonna have people walk out in indignation, because you’re just not good enough….. 

…..try these three steps:

1. Think of a time when you completely nailed a presentation

2. What was it about YOU that made it so successful

3. How can you incorporate this realisation into this presentation to ensure you nail it and ooze Moxie?

Maybe it was the time you practiced for hours beforehand? Or the time when you went sans slides and spoke from the heart? Whatever it was, you’ve done this before, have the confidence that you can damn well do it again!

Gremlins can be tough little buggers, and have often been rooted deep within us from an early age, so they are best attacked strategically, over time, with a trained coach, to help ensure you see true and lasting results. Lock in a Moxie Discovery Call with me and I can take you through what this might look like for you.

Moxie Discovery Call

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