Investing In Yourself? Totally Worth It!

I invested in myself last night and I couldn’t be more excited!

After 17 years in the corporate world, moving to setting up my own business has been a real eye opener, in the best sense. I’ve needed to learn so many new skills about running a business, and it’s actually been a wonderful challenge. I never knew it could be so fun trying out new software, or creating branding and logos. My creative side has been flourishing over this past year, and I can’t get enough.

But I am also aware of my limitations. (Hello, video content creation!)

I’m absolutely clear on the giddy heights I want to get to as a leadership coach (because I, too, have a coach!) so I can partner with more emerging leaders to find their Moxie, and I know I need help to achieve this – which is OK!

Having spent some time hunting and pecking through Google and YouTube, I came to quickly realise that this was not a good use of my time. I know what new skills I need, I know where I want to go, and I could spend literally days trying to find exactly what I need. These are days I could spend with my wonderful clients, face to face, helping them to reach their goals and shoot the lights out. Or sunny days I could spend with my friends, as the summer comes to an end for another year, and a chilly Autumn sets in.

So I changed my tactics. I spent some time online looking for a coach/mentor to show me the way, someone who had the goods, who had been exactly in my shoes before and was now a success, and had a fail-safe plan to get me from pain to pleasure in a dead straight line. No messing about. All the resources and support I could ever need. And I found her.

BAM – decision made. Feels so good, because I know it’s so right.

Many of us have things in our lives that we want to achieve, but it just feels so daunting, especially when our days are already jam-packed with meetings, new hires, work travel, and just existing! If we’re not sure where to start on this journey, or how long it will take, or if its even worth it, our motivation will likely come in waves, at best. Standing at the bottom of a mountain, with its peak in the clouds, is not necessarily what you’re after following a hard day in the Board room, no matter how much you want it!

But, it will stay in the back of your mind, pestering you, until you make a small attempt to begin. Because deep down, you do know that you want this, you want more.

Enter stage left – me, your Moxie Boss coach!

I’ve been exactly where you are today, and I now have even more tricks up my sleeve, which I’m just dying to share with you. I want to get you from pain to pleasure in a straight line in a defined period of time – no hunting and pecking through Google for quick solutions, no half-read self-help books on the nightstand.

Coaching is wonderful in that it is a safe and focused environment to get right to the point about what you want and how to get you there, wherever that may be. I’ve specially curated a foundational coaching package where we’ll dig deep into your doubts and fears, and things present in your life that might be stopping you from getting what or where you truly desire, and mark out a fail-safe plan to get you there. No “beating around the bush”, as we say in Australia – it’s time for action!

You are not alone on your journey to excellence, I’ll be there as your accountability partner and champion the whole way, because I believe in you! This is why I do what I do – because I know there is a way to excel and flourish, and every emerging leader like you has it in them. You just need to take a leap and start – as they say, achieving more requires becoming more!  

Contact me today for a free Moxie Discovery call – a friendly, non-salesy video chat where we can find out more about each other. I’m so curious to meet you and hear your story!  

Moxie Discovery Call

Finding a Coach is a big decision to make, and you want to make sure we are the perfect fit together – I totally get it! It’s money, it’s time, and it’s most definitely emotional effort. But ask yourself: what, really, is it costing you NOT to get the help that you need and deserve? This is the first step – book in for a free 45 minute “Moxie Discovery Call” to find out what it’s all about.

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