Promotion! What Now?

It seems to be that time of year! It’s promotion time in Europe, and I see my LinkedIn feed filled with excited announcements of new titles and responsibilities.

Congratulations! All your tireless efforts have paid off – enjoy that well-earned “Promo Day” G&T.

So. What now?

As the saying goes – what got you here won’t get you there.

With each step up the career ladder, peoples’ expectations of you change, whether they’re in your team, your organisation, or industry. That new title says something about you – that your organisation has a trust in your capabilities and attitude, and wants to broaden your reach and your career horizons.

And this is especially true when you formally step into the role of managing people and teams. This is where you start making a real impact, on the company’s bottom line, and on other people’s lives. They’re relying on you now to represent them, motivate them, and lead them, and be present, open and truthful.

So, what are you going to do with these new expectations?

Here are some things you now really need to start considering, and consciously acting upon, as you start your true ascent up the career ladder:

  • You are moving from the “Master of the How” to the “Gatekeeper of the What” – which means delegation and communication are now to become some of your most powerful skills!
  • Perhaps you’ve made it this far because you were a total bad ass at your functional role. Now, my friend, start looking to add value in other ways – what is it that only you can do, with the resources and information that you alone have? It’s time to start shrugging off the mantle of being the go-to person for your function, and focus on building a team of go-to people.  
  • The higher up you go, the more the expectation is that you focus on what’s right for the whole business, not just your functional area. You may be in Senior Executive meetings as head of your division, and you are there to give the insights only you have, but you are also expected to contribute to the broader strategy of the company. Therefore, start now in building that knowledge and those connections, and see the company in its full capacity, not just from a siloed viewpoint.
  • In this vein, make sure you’re continuing to build relationships up, down, and laterally. Down so you know exactly what your team needs, and are able to build your team with fresh new talent; up so that you can openly and frequently represent your team and know exactly what’s going on, so you can share with your team; and laterally, so that you build strong relationships across teams in the organisation, breaking through the silo and collaborating to the fullest.
  • Maybe it seems a little early, but it doesn’t hurt to get your eyes set firmly on your next career goal. Keep in mind that the most important decisions about you will be made when you’re not in the room – so what are you going to do about this? Performance, Image, Exposure! Perform well, be aware of the image you portray, and make sure people know aaaaallllll about you, so the next promotional decision is a cinch for them. “Alison? Sure! I know her well. She seems to be doing a great job, great attitude and a strong team”. Tick!

So here’s cheers to you, my friend, I’m so excited for your achievement – I know you, I see you, I know what it means to you, and I know what it means to be you.

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