Are You Ready For Leadership Coaching?

I think by this time in your career, you may have heard of coaching, in particular leadership coaching, or executive coaching. You’re an up-and-comer, right? Tagged as high-potential, or already managing people and teams, and being recognised for your talent and efforts.

Not everyone can lead (although many may try!), and I know if you’re anything like me, you want to get it right.

You actually care about the people that you’re managing.

You know how you like to be managed and led, but you realise that not everyone may like this style, and it won’t suit everyone’s needs, or every situation.

So, what to do?

I believe that if you’re reading this, you’re a bit of a go-getter, and growth-oriented. This means that you know that everything is figure-outable, that you can easily learn new things because this is what you’ve been doing your whole life, with much success.

And now you want to “learn” leadership, but damn that sounds like quite the undertaking! And you’re already swamped.

But you also know that for things to change, something about you has to change. And if you don’t, this time next year time will have passed, and you will still be frustrated and fumbling in the dark, wanting to make a real difference to your team, but feeling like you’re walking through treacle and just not being your best self.  

Well, good news, my friend.

With leadership, you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

But coaching is not necessarily for those who want a quick fix.

Changing a lifetime of thought-patterns, subjective viewpoints and external influences will rarely come in an afternoon – and I mean real change, the type that changes how we think, feel and act for the rest of our lives.

Coaching is an ongoing effort, that requires real work, practice and accountability, so that the change cements itself in the neurons of your brain and is worked like a muscle to become second-nature. Only this way will lasting change be experienced.

Nor is it just for those who are “failing” in their work or life.

More often than not, people who seek out coaches are already very good, but they want to be great. They recognise that there is more to learn, and work to be done, and that coaching is the tool to get them there.

When a company puts you forward for coaching, it’s not a rap over the knuckles from HR for not reaching budget, it’s a sign that your company believes in you and wants to invest in you and your future at the company.

So you know you’re ready to commit. You want this, and the time is now.

But what can I expect from coaching? What topics might be covered? What results can I expect?

Glad you asked!

I wrote this blog a few months back exactly on this topic:

And, if you’re ready to dive in, or just curious for more information, reach out to me and book in a free chat right here:

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