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Like A Boss: 5 Tips For Creating Confidence & Success In Your Career

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New to Leadership & Unsure Where to Start?

Let's look at this holistically

I know – you are, or very soon will be, a leader in your organisation, something you’ve worked so incredibly hard for, and put so much thought and passion into! And you want to be the very best leader you can be – you want to be the leader you always dreamed you had.

But where do you start? I believe that being a leader involves two sets of management skills – external and internal. External includes the ability to delegate, to motivate, to communicate, to represent, to strategise, and to grasp opportunities with both hands. Internal is much trickier – its the inner blocks, the negative self-talk, the worry and anxiety, and the stress. The mastery of both sides is needed so that you can truly step into your own as a leader, with unshakable confidence and clarity.

Step into Your Moxie and Be the Leader You Always Dreamed You Had

Of course you can! You’ve totally got this.

My Moxie Original 1:1 bespoke coaching package is focused on YOU. Delve deeper than you ever have before to really question what kind of a leader you truly wish to be, and how you can be that person, every day, with unwavering confidence.

Together we will explore brand new ways of thinking that will change your outlook on life, for life. With my coaching, we combine external changes with internal transformations that take you from well-functioning, to truly optimal. It’s so empowering – and fun! – to notice your daily practices and outlook shifting over the weeks that we’ll work together, becoming more confident and capable day by day.

I’ve specially tailored a 6 month program, where we will start with an Energy Leadership Index Assessment, which is an attitudinal assessment designed to gain clarity on how you “show up” at work and in your life. We will then spend the next while on foundational topics, such as your vision for leadership success, and any challenges getting in the way of this, whether internal or external. We will then delve into key areas as required, such as time management, effective communication, emotional intelligence, influencing others, productivity, relationships, and very importantly, health and wellness.  

Imagine Being the Leader You Know You Are Inside...

You didn’t come this far, just to get this far! Imagine having the clarity, confidence and energy to truly excel, and to have a powerful impact on the people around you as well.

Lead with passion and authenticity

Gain focus and drive, and inspire your team to great heights

Never doubt yourself again

Have unshaking belief in your capabilities, your worth, and your potential

Seize every opportunity with relish

Know what you want, and have the Moxie to go out and get it

It's Time to Take Control of Your Career

I know you’ve got it in you – you’re an emerging leader, that’s why you’re here. I’ve been where you are, I know it can be daunting but still thrilling – the frustrations, the opportunities, the unknowing, the energy and excitement, the sheer scale of it all that stands ahead of you.

What if you could feel more in control? That every obstacle was an opportunity, rather than a challenge? That every effort was a win-win instead of a competition? That every day was a new opportunity for excitement and motivation because you have a job that fulfils you, rather than overwhelms you?

Having this control frees you to focus on the things that matter – your career progression, your team, your clients, and most importantly your wellbeing. I can’t wait to help you discover this for yourself. Book in a free 45 minute call and let’s get you started.

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Alison Forrest

b.comm, b.laws (hons.1), m.fin

certified Executive Coach, energy leadership index master practitioner, and cor.e leadership dynamics specialist

Following a double Bachelors degree in Commerce and Law, Alison began her career in Finance in 2003 as a Graduate at one of Australia’s largest Funds Management firms. 10 years and a Masters of Finance degree later, Alison gave in to her inherent “Wanderlust” and took the bold move to relocate to Frankfurt, Germany, where she delved back into the finance industry at Germany’s second largest Bank. A few years later, an irresistible offer to join one of the world’s most successful infrastructure investment banks came, and Alison found herself thrown into a whirlwind of Board Meetings, Board Directorships, team management, and responsibility as CFO of budgets up to US$2 billion.

After an overseas posting and 17 years in corporate, Alison decided to enjoy a sabbatical but in that time was consistently drawn to executive coaching, and began studying at the internationally renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Now a fully Certified Professional Coach, Alison delights in helping emerging female leaders step into their power and embrace their Moxie.

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