What Is Coaching & Is It For You?

Coaching, Advising, Mentoring, Consulting, Training, Counselling, Sponsoring – there are so many people out there trying to “help” it can make it difficult to find the right fit for exactly what you need! And there are so many misconceptions out there about what coaching is, and indeed what it isn’t. So lets clear up a few things, shall we?

What is coaching?

A certified coach is trained to facilitate and guide you to your very own “aha” moments. Coaching is quite unique in this regard – we believe that the person in front of us has all the answers within themselves already. Indeed, there is no better person than them to know what the right course of action is for them.

But extracting this information by yourself is HAAAARD – I know! I tried myself for many years.

A coach will provide a safe environment, dedicated just to you, to dig deep into what is holding you back. They will ask deliberately pointed, probing and challenging questions, and keep you focused and accountable until you dig right into the heart of the matter, and uncover your truth. I have my own coach (yes, coaches have coaches too, because we know how awesome it is!) and there have been so many times when I thought I’d analysed a challenge from every angle, but one simple question from my coach provided an entirely new perspective, and provided the clarity I needed to really move forward.

Why can’t I just talk to my friends about my dreams, goals and challenges?

You absolutely can! And I would encourage anyone to do so. Communication and understanding are so important. But while well-meaning friends can be a wonderful outlet, they are not objective, and ultimately the conversation will naturally morph into something else, without any real answer, progress or conclusion for you. With a coach you have dedicated time just for you to explore exactly what you want. You do the talking, we do the listening, and its always your agenda. I make suggestions, you make decisions!

Is Coaching right for you?

Coaching is for people who want to go from good to awesome. It’s very future oriented, and action driven. It’s for people who really want to see changes in their lives, instead of the same-old, same-old.

Is Moxie Boss Coaching right for you?

My whole career I’ve been passionate about the success of myself and of other women around me. I realised quickly there were so many silly things we were telling ourselves that were holding us back, or making us feel inadequate somehow! But I had no idea how to overcome this by myself. Until I found coaching – the missing link! It’s amazing what an hour of regular coaching can achieve, because it’s not just that time spent with the coach, it’s the rest of the time you spend pondering what was said, examining it some more, experimenting with your newfound wisdom, trying out your new tools at work or at home, and chatting about your “aha” moments with friends. This is where the magic happens! This new awareness allows you to become your own “inner coach”, which is amazingly empowering.

At Moxie Boss I recognise all of this, and do everything in my power to help you achieve this amazing level of happiness, satisfaction, empowerment, authenticity and leadership. I have many tricks and tools up my sleeve to help you on your journey, and love a good homework assignment!. So you will be kept busy, engaged and fully accountable the whole time we are working together. Man, I’m already excited for you!

Moxie Discovery Call

Finding a Coach is a big decision to make, and you want to make sure we are the perfect fit together – I totally get it! It’s money, it’s time, and it’s most definitely emotional effort. But ask yourself: what, really, is it costing you NOT to get the help that you need and deserve? This is the first step – book in for a free 45 minute “Moxie Discovery Call” to find out what it’s all about.

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