What’s Truly Getting In Your Way?

A wonderful thing about coaching is that it gives us the time and the space to stop, pause for a second, and really consider what it is that is stopping us from living up to our potential.

Sometimes we think we know what it is:

  • “I’m just so overwhelmed I don’t know where to start”, or
  • “I can’t change jobs now because I need the money” or
  • “My boss just doesn’t get me”…

But when challenged by a coach to really dig into these interferences, it more often than not turns out to be something entirely different:

  • It might be our difficulty in setting priorities, based on our needs and values, rather than what we “should” be doing.
  • It might be that we are keeping our blinkers firmly in place, because actually doing what we want to be doing is, frankly, scary as hell.
  • It might be that we are filling our minds with unhelpful interpretations of what others are thinking of us, rather than asking them, because, let’s face it, having some conversations are just awkward.

Very often, what we see in our way is simply a truth, not the Truth. As humans our worldview is shaped by our lives as we have lived them up to now – our beliefs, our friends, our family, our education, our experiences…

We are all wearing tinted lenses, based on our own worldview. Every person will see the same situation in a slightly different way.

As Anaïs Nin once famously wrote, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are”.

So challenging what we believe can be a little confronting – it’s more comfortable to think that we didn’t get that promotion just because we are female; it’s safe to think we should just stay in a job we hate, and suck it up, because at least we have an income.

But what is it costing you not to face the Truth?

Very often, when we do indeed finally face the Truth, it will involve change, it will involve something new for us.

Often we avoid change because we just want to get to the point where everything has changed and we are “happy” again. The process in between is the messy part, it’s the scary and uncertain part. But it’s also necessary.

And you never know, it might also be a wonderful revelation.

Change doesn’t have to be negative. It’s in the future, it hasn’t happened yet. So if it might turn out bad, mightn’t it also turn out well?

Isn’t it worth a shot?

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